bdf announces new release for it´s Cash Position Cockpit (CPC)

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New features für Liquidity Planning with CPC Enhancement 13.2.

Most Groups does not have a group wide and standardised liquidity planning leading to inefficiencies for the short, mid and long-term cash disposition and lack of FX exposure information. Implementation of a group wide SAP based liquidity planning within the existing SAP Treasury module (SAP TR) helps to reduce this and many further disadvantages. Major expected benefits are:

  • transparency of cash flow drivers is the basis to improve our risk management
  • short term updates for more and more unforeseen changes must be possible
  • liquidity planning is not only limited to cash flow planning, but also supporting the planning of net financial debt and explaining cash flow statement items on group level
  • funds are getting more expensive and thus the liquidity buffer should be reduced as far as possible in order to achieved financial benefit
  • basis for long term financial planning, i.e. to derive financing needs and secure solvency at any time

The process of a SAP ERP based liquidity planning produces a Maximum of Integration advantages.