About us

National and international competence in providing solutions

About us

bdf is an internationally operating consulting company established in 2001. Our business activities range across complex, sophisticated issues in the framework of corporate business processes.

In this process, the main focus is on strategies, organisation, application and technology in the SAP environment. Our core competences are planning, implementation and in particular optimisation of SAP business solutions.
To live up to this value enhancing process and technology consulting standard, only SAP Senior Consultants with many years of experience have joined forces at bdf. Together they ensure the best conditions for quick and efficient project implementation. The result: solutions that do not only rep-resent a technological changeover but also help you to work in a more economic and efficient man-ner, to develop new order processing potential and to provide all necessary information for company controlling immediately.

In order to be better able to integrate our creativity and problem-solving skills into the optimisation of customer business processes, experienced Solution Architects and Senior Developers have joined our company’s team. We have been developing software products as add-ons for SAP standard software with this team since 2005. These add-ons have made it possible to increase our customers’ competitive edge.

Our Mission

  • We take on you company in its current position and further develop your business.
  • The evolution of the new business requirements is still a young process and the possibilities regarding today’s IT have only been touched upon; it is more important than ever to opti-mise internal business processes and furthermore, to connect these with the processes of business partners – a challenge we are successfully facing.
  • We adapt your business model and bring in our experience, ideas, innovative applications and technologies whilst simultaneously integrating your current solution.

We create solutions for our customers by drawing on our experience and practical approaches.