Product Lifecycle Management

Out of the box solutions based on our long-standing experience

Process Control Center (PCC)

The PCC is a sensible extension to be able to show business processes digitally from product definition up to product use consistently based on SAP PLM. Existing SAP standard data models are intensified and automatically linked to each other by additional links and are also available to ERP processes. Product development systems (CAD, CAE etc.) can be integrated via different technological approaches (direct or indirect). By using PCC innovative processes such as the following can be implemented:

  • Modularisation and product structuring
  • Global standards for systems and products
  • Top down and bottom up configuration for customer orders at the same time
  • Simultaneous support for the ETO, CTO and MTO processes
  • Integration into the following ERP processes
    • Calculation
    • Customer documentation
    • Maintenance & service
    • Production
    • Project management
    • Purchasing & materials management

Document Control Center (DCC)

Document Control Centre (DCC) is the systematic refinement of SAP document management functionality towards structuring and project management requirements from industrial business practice. Everywhere where the use of (technical) know-how, the development and maintenance of products and services and processing of relevant information which goes with it makes up an extensive part of business activities, there are also special requirements for handling documents.
On the one hand this relates to their structuring, i.e. individual dependencies and allocations need to be shown between documents and also via hierarchy levels. On the other hand there are extended requirements on integration into special company processes or on project management. In particular the latter requires that there must be individual scheduling and tracking functions, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of documents and still remains transparent and manageable even with greater complexity and numbers. Long-term archiving is also possible in DCC based on pure SAP Netweaver components.

Material Control Center (MCC)

Via the use of MCC, products can be organised into several views. These views could for example be system engineering, detail engineering for mechanics and electrics, mechatronic integration and further views can be defined flexibly and integrated with each other. Starting from material planning items (virtual material), material master data and different forms of logistics BOMs can be generated automatically. Through the systematic use of MCC the concept of global engineering and global production can be supported efficiently. Different types of general processing are supported:

  • Standardised products (MTS)
  • Products manufactured to order (MTO, ATO, CTO)
  • Products engineered to order (ETO)
  • Merchandise

Cost Control Center (CCC)

The Cost Control Centre enables the first estimates of product costs to be created for a complex product structure even at a very early stage. To do this only very little master data needs to be entered into the SAP system. Starting from product structure nodes the product costs can be estimated very quickly based on the planned materials (virtual master data) and documents (virtual documents). Existing data can even be allocated as reference. Functions of Engineering Change Management and the configuration variants can already be used in this phase. Starting with the first product cost estimates Easy Cost planning data sets can be used, which then allow for integration into SAP Project Management and the assembly group calculations.