Service & Asset Management

Out of the box solutions based on our long-standing experience


What is characteristic about Integrated System Documentation is that it systematically supports all maintenance and/or customer service processes. Maintaining complex technical facilities requires a multitude of documents in a defined state (version, status, ...).  What is more, these documents may be archived in a non-redundant and structured way in various views. Simply drag and drop documents to archive them, and they will then be automatically indexed, too. Indexes are created using the logical MDDL = master document definition list approach. This results in an efficient system documentation supporting the following processes:

  • Linking folders and documents to technical objects (functional location, equipment, material master data, ...).
  • Integration into the procurement and production processes of e.g. spare parts.
  • Preparatory document planning and scheduling for complex maintenance processes.
  • Integration into the operational execution of maintenance and/or service orders.

In combination with MCC and DCC during the system planning phase, structures may be derived in an automated way and documents may be allocated.

Manage plants and documents

Suitable document logistics can be very helpful for executing complex service jobs. Document logistics brings together all the documents required for performing the job. This includes existing documents as well as documents that need to be created in the context of order execution (document planning). Documents created in the context of order execution are required e.g. for documentation and/or order billing purposes. It is possible, for instance, to archive them automatically in the respective folder structures and allocate them to a downstream process (invoicing).

Document Logistics

Mobile access to service documents can be effected e.g. by appropriate simplified and context-oriented interfaces (SAP Fiori / UI5). Various documentation views can be presented in the context of this search and display process:

  • Electrical layout, mechanical layout, maintenance schedules
  • Folder systems with definable contents and automated updating mechanisms for various contents such as
    • Systems
    • Order
    • User-specific

Note: documents and folders are archived non-redundantly. Interdependencies are described by efficient linking operations.

Plan and generate plant structures

The equipment labelling system makes it very easy to provide system structures, equipment and materials with standardised attributes (labels). The system used - RDS-PP, KKS or customer-specific definitions - can be designed freely. System components (systems, sub-systems, modules, assembly groups, etc.) can be pre-defined in an abstract way in modular libraries and then used for the respective application.